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Flying Out of Covid

Oil and Cold Wax

This painting is my wish for the angels surrounding us to offer protection and help to end the pandemic which continues to linger. She is also a reminder that we must help ourselves and get vaccinated. The finished size will be 16″ x 16″ as a framed, matted print.

Contact Jackie for any information pertaining to anything on this website. Most pieces can be reproduced either on paper or canvas in a variety of sizes.

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“I create my artwork with the intention of bringing beauty and spiritual awareness to one’s heart and home. I want my work to shine light, reveal wisdom, and inspire love. In this current political landscape, I also want to arouse political action through social justice. Our day to day journeys are filled with challenges and the images and jewelry have a message that reminds us that we can transcend our troubles and gain a larger blessing filled perspective. In the words of Rav Kook, I strive “to make the old new and the new holy”.

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What people are saying!

Thanks for so quickly getting my personalized "Wherever You Go, I Shall Go" picture ready for me. Quick turnaround and beautiful image and frame. Roseanne -
I am delighted that I chose to purchase your artwork. I love the fact that the Shema is in a labyrinth. So is my inner journey. I express by jubilance and gratitude to you. Helena -
“The 6 panel Creation piece is absolutely gorgeous over my mantel! The size is perfect and it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Also love the matting and framing. Alexis D. April ‘17 - creation
“The personalized Morning Glories picture arrived right on time and packaged beautifully. It’s so much more beautiful in person. Thanks Jackie. Rachel B. April ‘17 - morning glories 2
“I love this image and have purchased it several times. Another Bat Mitzvah is coming up next month and the order will be placed tonight. Thanks for this .” Madeline W. June ‘17 - Bat Mitzvah picture personalized
“I buy this for every Bat Mitzvah girl. They love it and I love giving it”. Ellie G. June ‘17 - shema sign language
“Oh how I love this pendant. I’ve been chanting Ana B Koach for years and now I have this holy piece of jewelry” Thanks Jackie for creating this. Davida L. May ‘17 - Ana B Koach
“Every time there’s a new child born in our family I purchase this picture. I will continue to do so! Thanks Jackie for this lovely image. Serena C. May ‘17 - personalization baby image
“This is the 3rd time I’ve purchased this set for a Bat Mitzvah. It’s a perfect gift and the girls love it. Price point is perfect also.” Janet B. May ‘17 - Love, 2 sided jewelry
“I was looking for the perfect 50th anniversary gift and now I’ve found it. The “bride and groom” love it. Thanks Jackie!” Estelle M. June ‘17 - Morning Glories
“I’ve not taken off this pendant for 3 years. It makes me feel happy, centered and connected to God” Shana S., May ‘17 - Shema Vahavta
“This image wants to make me find a march right away! Thanks Jackie for putting image and action together.” Sandra W. June 17 - Uri, Uri
“Thank you Jackie. Every year we order this as a tribute gift and every year the recipient is touched and grateful. Thank you for making affordable, beautiful artwork available”. Cynthia A. 2/17 - Every year the recipient is touched and grateful
“The Ana B Koach necklace means so much to me. I’ve been looking for this for years and will be giving this as a gift for years to come. I love wearing it” Lana W. 2/17 - I’ve been looking for this for years…a gift for years to come
“the Shema V’Ahavta is so beautiful and meaningful – it’s a new Judaic classic” Rachel W. 3/17 - Shema V’Ahavta is so beautiful and meaningful
my daughter has wanted this “Sacred Space” ketubah since her engagement. It just arrived and it’s gorgeous. The website image doesn’t do it justice. She and her new husband are thrilled. Thanks for the beautiful ketubah and excellent service – from a happy mother of the bride” Larissa R. 4/17 - Sacred Space ketubah just arrived and it’s gorgeous
Our organization has purchased and personalized this gorgeous "Woman of Valor" for numerous tribute gifts for our volunteers. It is always appreciated by the recipients. Thank you Jackie for continuing to offer affordable, meaningful artwork. Jenna B. 10/16 - Woman of Valor
How I love this gorgeous piece of jewelry. I feel the words keep me centered - I just need to hold it in my hand for a few seconds and feel connected to the sacred. I wear mine all the time and will continue to purchase it for any special gift I need. Thank you, Jackie! Stephanie A. 7/16 - Shema V’ahavta pendant
I've waited years for this blessing to appear so beautifully on this holy piece of jewelry. This will be my "go to" gift for any special occasion. I never take mine off. Paula D. 11/16 - Ana B Koach
I've purchased for a new baby, for a Bat Mitzvah and for a wedding gift. The personalization makes this such a special, beautiful gift. Thank you Jackie! Abigail B. 1/17 - Shalom Landscape
This is the 4th time I've ordered this perfect Bat Mitzvah image. The girls love it and so do their parents. Plus, it grows up with them. Love this image! Sarah W. 2/17 - Miriam, Leading the Dance
I've been dreaming of this for 2 years ever since we got engaged and now I just received this gorgeous ketubah! Thank you Jackie for great service and this perfect ketubah. Anna and Isaac - Sacred Space Ketubah
The ketubah just arrived and it's more beautiful than we imagined! Thank you for creating this beautiful image. Eleanor and Jon 3/17 - Forever Ketubah
I’ve purchased this now several times as a perfect and grown up gift for a Bat Mitzvah. It’s perfect. Thanks, Jackie Lillian 4/15 - Lillian
A group of us (a long-standing women’s group) purchased this as gifts to each other. We all love this spiritually infused amulet and it makes us feel centered. It’s a holy reminder. Natalie 7/15 - Natalie
I’ve purchased this now for several new babies – it’s always a welcome gift. Thanks, Jackie for the lovely image and prompt delivery. Hanna W. 3/15 - Hanna
I bought this for my daughter for Mother’s Day. It brought her to tears. Thanks for the lovely personalization and quick delivery. It’s a perfect gift. Susana, 6/15 - Susana
I purchased “Miriam” for my friend’s adult Bat Mitzvah – it was a huge hit. Thanks, Jackie Daniella, 4/15 - Daniella
“This was the perfect Bat Mitzvah gift for my granddaughter” She loved it and really related to the strong “Miriam” image. Ellen S. 5/16 - Ellen
Jackie, this healing amulet is so powerful. I've gifted several friends and never take mine off. When will it appear on your website? - Ana B Koach
The "Shalom Landscape" picture which you personalized for the Bat Mitzvah gift was perfect for her parsha, which was Parsha Noach. I couldn't have found a better and more well recieved present. Thank you so much. Sarah and Robert 10/13 - Sarah
The 2 Shema v'ahavta pendants were perfect gifts for the twin's Bar and Bat Mitzvah. They loved it! Works for both boys, girls, men and women. I'm buying one for myself, I liked it so much. Thank you. Minna 9/13 - Minna
The personalized "Miriam" print for the Bat Mitzvah gift was perfect. Thanks for making this image available for this very special girl. She loved it! 10/13 - Rebecca and Jon
The giclee canvas prints just arrived - all three are perfect in our dining room. You truly can't tell these fine art prints from the originals - beautiful frame also. Thanks!! Nathan and Micah 9/13 - Nathan and Micah
I just received the products I ordered from your sister website. The Ahava clock and "Shalom" teddy bear were more than I expected - fabulous, affordable gifts. I'm getting everything I need from you for Hanukah! Thanks for doing this. Joanne and David 10/13 - Joanne
Jackie, the small Tree of Life pendant arrived and it is gorgeous! Its unique design is a pleasure to view and to feel as I wear it. Thank you. Laura D. 8/13 -
The 3 hamsah pictures I ordered just arrived and they're already hanging in a perfect place in our dining room. They make the entire space joyful and happy. We are delighted! Susana and Davida 8/13 -
The twins just received each of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah pictures. Their parents loved them, the children loved them and so did the Rabbi! Thanks. August '13 Roslyn G. -
We just received the "I Am My Beloveds...Morning Glories" ketubah. Printed on canvas, it's absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much. You're a pleasure to work with. Melanie and William 11/12 -
I can always count on you to deliver on time, with a beautiful frame the B'nai mitzvah pictures for each of my 7 grandchildren. I always call you at the last minute and you always, without cvetching!! deliver on time. Again, many thanks. Eleanor 12/12 -
Four silver "Shema v'ahavta" pendants for my 4 grandchildren. I love them, the kids love them and their parents love them. A perfect Chanukah gift! Thanks. Marlena and Robert 12/12 -
Jackie's "Shema v'ahavta" pendant has a timeless quality: Though new, it looks as if it could have been unearthed at an archaeological dig or discovered in a cache of ancient jewelry. Jackie is known for creating works of art with deep spiritual resonance. 9/12 - Jewish Woman Magazine
Our "Morning Glories" ketubah is gorgeous! Thanks for making such a special contribution to our wedding and our lives. 7/13 - Marilyn and William
I love the "Shema" pendant I just received as a birthday present - best gift ever! Cara 10/12 -
I wore my Shema pendant to shul today. People admired my new necklace and asked where I bought it! I proudly told them about Jackie Olenick's inspirational art & jewelry! I don't want to take the pendant off. It's calming for me! Inez L. 3/12 -
"Thanks for the wonderful picture that keeps me smling every time I see it. I really love it!" - Suzanne S. 2/12
"I received the picture and it is perfect. I can't wait for the choir to present it to our cantor" - Sheila G. 2/12
"Jackie, love how you put text to image and create this gorgeous artwork. Four of your pieces are now hanging in my dining room – making Shabbat even more special." 9/13 - Dina and Daniel 6/11
"The 3 pictures arrived safe and sound and look perfect hanging over our sofa. Our living room has become enlivened." - Sarah and Albert 7/11
"The 50th Anniversary “Sacred Space” ketubah our kids surprised us with is exquisite! The words are perfect and we’ll always remember the amazing celebration with this beautiful gift from our children." - Sharon and Barry 12/11
"We love our ketubah!! It’s beautiful in our bedroom and always reminds us of our wonderful wedding day. Thanks!" - Jordan and Jennifer 8/11
"I always keep coming back to your site to purchase the personalized Bar and Bat Mitzvah pictures. The kids love them, the parents love them and so do the Rabbis. Thanks for making them available – and at such a reasonable price." - Caren R. 1/12
"The “Woman of Valor” personalized tribute picture was so well received by its recipient – and the price point for our non-profit organization is perfect." - Susanna 10/11
"I love the “Shomerit Yisrael – Guardian of Israel” picture. It was given to me as an adult Bat Mitzvah gift. It’s stunning and really touches my heart." - Ann C. 7/11
"The “Who Is Wise” series arrived and it’s perfect for my office at the Temple. It’s got a great message and brightens up an otherwise drab space. Great learning tool for all the kids and adults who stop in to see me." - Steve L. Temple Administrator 8/11
"Now we have an heirloom to pass down to our children. We love the original “Ufros Aleynu – Spread Over Us Your Canopy of Peace”. It’s gorgeous over the fireplace." - David and Roberta 8/11
"The “Sunflower” painting arrived safe and sound and I love it. It brightens up my entire kitchen – looks like a redo for the cost of a stunning painting." - Alana M. 11/11
"Jackie, I love the Shema mandala necklace. It keeps me centered and connected to a higher space and it looks fabulous. Everyone asks me where I got it and I direct them to your site." - Lynn S. 11/11
If you study Kaballah, the Tree of Life necklace has great meaning and is a stunning piece of jewelry. My entire study group is buying one. - Emily S. 1/12
"My husband bought the “Or Chadash – a New Light” necklace for me for Hanukah – thanks Jackie! It’s bright, decorative and has a great message." - Diana L. 12/11
"My daughter just received the “Love and Peace” sterling necklace as a Bat Mitzvah gift. Now she wants me to buy all her friends this gift for their Bat Mitzvah. It’s precious." - Adele S. 1/12
"My daughter just received the Shema necklace with sign language as a Bat Mitzvah gift – She loves it and I love it – Fabulous!!" - Deborah G. 12/1
"The “Four Seasons” is the perfect focal point for our living room. I love coming home after a hard day at work, sitting on my couch and just looking at this picture." - Hanna L. 1/12
"Your work is so gorgeous, Jackie! I love to look at the pictures made by you that we have hanging in our house!" - Marissa 10/11
[et_pb_section bb_built="1"][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text] “It was a pleasure dealing with you!  The picture arrived quickly in perfect condition.  And, your work is beautiful, the framing, outstanding. This is a wonderful keepsake that I will always have, as art work is timeless and forever.” [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section] - Lori W. 12/5/11

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