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I live in Bloomington IN, the home of Indiana University. During winter break most of the students and many professors left town to go home or vacation. Bloomington became quiet and still. I am writing shortly after folks returned  when my town is hustling and bustling with renewed life. Peeps are rested and ready for their next chapter of life. As I sit in my studio, I see the once green trees now desolate and stripped of their leaves which some folks might find depressing. I, in fact, feel a renewed energy. I’m inspired to create winter scenes that embrace the stillness of nature. There are times we must take a break to realize that quiet and stillness capture the tranquility we desire. I spend time, probably too much, simply gazing out my studio windows at the barren trees and snow covered landscape which now lies fallow. Gazing at nature inspires me to find my center in order to focus and regain a sense of creativity. Friends, my wish for you during the grey winter days is to focus on yourself, not fearing the quiet, but to embrace it. It will nourish your soul, warm your heart and spark creativity. As always, I thank you for supporting my work and visiting my website as well as my work and many different products on Fine Art America. With warm wishes, Jackie

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