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From Exodus 15:20, Miriam the prophetess leads the women in joyous song and dance at the edge of the Reed Sea. My husband and I have driven across the country, north to south and east to west many times. On each trip, I’ve marveled at the immense size and beauty of America and I’ve thought of those pioneers who had the chutzpah to travel to new destinations on a wagon train. There were no paved roads, convenience stories, at times no food or water. In my mind I see the women holding their babies and holding the energy of their family together. This week’s Torah parshah is “Beshalach”. It is the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. The people are fearful and anxious. They did not know where they were going or what their future might be. After the miraculous crossing, Miriam, the Prophetess took a timbrel in hand and all the woman danced in celebration. Today I wish to celebrate the women of ancient days and the women of today who rally once again to restore our bodily rights, women’s rights and the rights of all people.

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