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The joining of your souls will create a special spark in our universe and the ketubah that you will sign lifts these sparks to a new dimension. Each time you see your ketubah hanging in your home, you will be reminded of your joyous time under the chuppah so you can remember to recapture that spark each day. In addition to the fine art print ketubot that are shown, I create individual multi-media ketubot that are currently enhancing many homes. My artwork will enhance the text of your choice. Correct, personalized ketubah text for all Jewish denominations and lifestyles is available. I also offer the text for commitment ceremonies, and other texts upon request. Remember, your wedding ceremony lasts a short time, but your ketubah is forever.

Call me to commission your one-of a kind ketubah, to renew your original ketubah, or to create a piece for a special anniversary.As always, feel free to phone me 305 490 7003 M-F from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST or contact me with any questions.

Brides, include this website on your bridal registry! I’m happy to speak to you about your ketubah—and if you’re engaged to be married, Mazel Tov!

View all available texts here

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