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Shema Mandala


I call this the “Amazing Shema”.  I had a vision and started writing “Shema Yisrael…to the end of the first paragraph – without measuring – and it worked out perfectly to the center of this picture.  This measures 13 x 13” in a double mat.  Enjoy this “amazing Shema” – or gift it to family or friends.  Enjoy this colorful, joyful image of Shema and her blessings. FREE SHIPPING!!

Just purchased this for my wall and the silver shema amulet for my neck! Love this image. Rina C. 4/12


  1. AlanaW.

    This is unbelievable! And you did this without measuring – truly amazing.

  2. Chayya Rivka

    I just saw this displayed at the Gardens JCC in West Palm Beach – this really is an amazing piece! If you get a chance you should stop by the exhibit. This “Shema” is amazing!

  3. Sammy W.

    This Shema is really an amazing piece of Judaic art – if you’re Jewish and love the energy of a mandala, pl. appreciate how special this is. A perfect gift!

  4. Gloria H.

    Use this “Shema” as a modern mezuzah – perhaps in the foyer of your home.

  5. Zoe W.

    This is a fabulous image of Shema! Just bought 4 for $100 to give as gifts at Pesach.

    • Jackie

      Hi Davida, I know you’re not Gloria because of the private e-mail you sent me. Don’t know why these posts are saying Gloria – a little website glitch in need of fixing. I’ll be mailing the pictures tomorrow. Thank you so much for supporting my work! Jackie

  6. Fran Davis

    Jackie — this would make a fabulous pendant …

    Contact me if you are interested in producing this in silver or maybe even better rose bronze, the latest metal I have been casting in …


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