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Shema Mandala Amulet [Silver]


Spiraling from outer to inner, inscribed are the words of the most sacred prayer of the Jewish people, the complete Shema & V’Ahavta, words symbolizing oneness and completeness, meant to be on our hearts at all times.  It is sterling silver and measures approximately 1.25″.  An 18″ chain or cord comes with each pendant.  This is a meaningful and beautiful piece of jewelry for both men, women and teens.  It makes a beautiful gift for any occasion.  Typically ships within 2-3 business days.

A group of us (a long-standing women’s group) purchased this as gifts to each other. We all love this spiritually infused amulet and it makes us feel centered. It’s a holy reminder. ~ Natalie 7/15

I’ve purchased this now several times as a perfect and grown up gift for a Bat Mitzvah. It’s perfect. Thanks, Jackie! ~ Lillian 4/15

“the Shema V’Ahavta is so beautiful and meaningful – it’s a new Judaic classic” Rachel W. 3/17

“I buy this for every Bat Mitzvah girl. They love it and I love giving it”. Ellie G. June ‘17


  1. Inez Levy

    I wore my Shema pendant yesterday and to shul today.  Several people admired my new necklace and asked me where I bought it!  I proudly told them about Jackie Olenick’s inspirational art & jewelry!  I don’t want to take the pendant off.  It’s calming for me!

  2. cynthia morgan

    what is the stone in the middle?

  3. Rebecca

    HI, would you ship this item to Malaysia?

  4. kingsfamily4jc .

    Hi Jackie, can this be customized? Thanks

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