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Four Worlds of Peace


We are taught that we live simultaneously within four worlds: the world of doing, which includes the home, workplace and environment; the world of feeling and communication; the world of thinking and intellect; and the world of being- the world of the sacred. When we live in harmony and balance within these four worlds, we live in peace. For anyone who needs a little reminder to maintain balance in their lives.

Framed and double matted 12” x 14”.

Printed with archival ink on fine art velvet paper.


  1. Roki

    I love your work. Do you ever produce standard frame sizes, so if I want to frame myself, it is easier and more affordable? Thx.

  2. Tovia Behanu

    I have this on a T-shirt from 15 years ago … would love it on the wall of my home but we don’t have $120. Could there be a less expensive option?

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