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Dear Friends,

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Day. I vividly remember the day he was murdered. Shock ravaged an entire scope of people who believed in equality for all people. His famous “I have a dream” speech continues to resonate in my heart. Thinking about, and re-reading this famous speech, I sit while assembling my thoughts while tears flow down my cheek. I ruminate on the many dreams that have been shattered in my world. The dream of equality and recognition for all humans. The dream of having a healthy planet to leave for future generations. The dream of women’s rights so they may govern their own bodies. The dream of a world with no war, a dream where all have a place to live with dignity and food to nourish them. Mostly my family, the dream of seeing my grandson Joseph grow to an old age and being witness to his many accomplishments prior to being struck down in an auto accident.

Yes, many of my dreams did come to fruition. I have family, grandchildren and friends who I cherish every moment. I have fifty-eight years with my besheret. I am grateful. My dream of having my artistic creations in numerous homes throughout the world fills my heart with love.

Last week I was on a zoom call with my rebbe. I wanted to speak about my feelings after the loss of my dear Joseph. With deep wisdom he relayed a Hassidic story told by Reb Nachman of Breslov about the cripple who was unable to walk. (sorry about the politically incorrect language – but that’s the title of Nachman’s famous story). You can find the story on line retold by Howard Schwartz if you wish. Speaking to him and thinking of Reb Nachman and Dr. King, I received the same message. Never give Up! So on this anniversary celebrating Dr. King, I say to you, perhaps your dreams will never be fulfilled in your lifetime, however we all must strive for a better world and never give up.

With love and admiration to all you dreamers,


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