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The Entire World is Just a Narrow Bridge


In these troubling times, words from Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav bring comfort and healing. This limited edition print is 14 x 14″ framed in a beautiful gold painted frame. A perfect gift for you or any loved one – especially appropriate for someone going through a troubling time.


  1. Joshua

    I love these words, the song and now this image. I’ve given it to friends who are in a tight space and they are comforted.

  2. Ken Leeds

    Liked it? I LOVED it … so much. I ordered this work of art as a gift to my rabbi who was retiring. He taught me all about Rabbe Nachman and the narrow bridge.

  3. Dahlia K.

    I will continue to buy this for my friends/family who need comfort when they’re on a “narrow bridge”. The words are deep – the image gorgeous.

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