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“I am My Beloved’s, My Beloved is Mine” … love. As we think of the lesson this week provides in observing the counting of the Omer, love is the prevailing theme.

The love between a couple, love that creates a family, love that makes a foundation for teaching about and practicing tikkun olam …

One beautiful reminder for a couple to keep that love in mind is Jackie’s Morning Glories, I am my Beloved, My Beloved is Mine ketubah. Check out the beautiful design …

Also shown is a personalized limited edition print for any couple. It’s been popular to gift a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Week 1 (April 1-7) Chesed – kindness and the absence of boundaries.
What does it mean to show kindness to the earth and all its inhabitants? The first week of the omer is Pesach. It’s a time of celebration. We count with love, not with heaviness.

Pesach is chag ha’aviv, the festival of spring. With a bit of luck the sun will shine. Go for a walk. Go to your local park. Use this moment of spring to reconnect with a place that you love, and be inspired – “hiddur mitzvah” – to start to beautify our world…

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