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Jackie Olenick creates Judaic illuminations in several mediums based upon her favorite Torah text, psalms and prayers. The text inspires the images for Jackie. She also designs multi-dimensional, personalized ketubot for the bride and groom. The artwork is joyful, contemporary, inspirational and speak to issues that guide us all on our day-to-day journey. The art is intended to bring blessing and holy reminders to every Jewish home.

Jackie also teaches hands-on workshops for Temples, schools and organizations where participants of all ages and all levels of skill can learn about Judaic art and create their own heirloom piece for their home.

Jackie was inspired to do this work when she was a young child living with her grandmother who took on the task of housing, feeding, and clothing recently relocated Holocaust survivors. There Jackie was taught to embroider the alef-bet, before she knew the English alphabet. She wondered then, as a young girl, “what happened to all their belongings?”. She believes from that impressionable experience, it gave her the passion to put some beauty back into the world.

Now, after many years of creating Judaic artwork, some of that dream has been fulfilled. Jackie’s work has been collected throughout North and South America, Europe, Israel and Australia in private, organizational and synagogue collections. Her work adorns many greeting cards, CD covers, book covers, newspaper covers, and calendars.

Jackie works in several mediums, including acrylic as well as multi-media collage, for which she is noted. The work is available as beautiful, affordable fine art giclee prints or as original pieces. A large selection of Jackie’s work can be viewed and purchased on her website:

She is married to Rabbi/Chaplain Leon Olenick and is the mother of three grown children and nine grandchildren, from whom she constantly draws inspiration and naches

Contact information:
(305) 490 7003
[email protected]

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