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Blessing Ketubah

Unframed: $320
Framed: $N/A

This stunning, spiritual ketubah measures 14 x 18″. This piece portrays the oldest recorded blessing ever found and is one of our most beloved blessings. The three prong and four prong “shins” in the hands remind us of the ultimate unity between man, woman and the Source of all Blessing. Create a holy space in your home with this. It is delivered to you rolled in a tube. The cost is $320 with personalization included. Go to link that says “ketubah text” and choose your text. Under “comments” on the order page, identify the text you want. If you have any trouble ordering via the website, please phone me at 305 490 7003 to order via phone. I’m always very happy to speak with a bride and groom!

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