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Judaic Art – Many Faces

Sometimes I feel the blessing of Betzalel sitting on my shoulder…

Recently I had this vision of a “Shema” mandala and started writing “Shema Yisrael…” in Hebrew on a round piece of paper.  I wrote the first paragraph of “Shema” in a perfect spiral, without measuring, and the letters on the attached image worked out perfectly to the center of the spiral.

This week’s Parsha is Vayakhel. Chapter 35:30 G*d selects Betzalel, son of Uri son of Chur, of the tribe of Judah, to be the chief architect. Midrash tells us that Betzalel was a young man and that G*d gave him the inner spark to be the head architect.

Rabbi Shefa Gold tells us in her book “Torah Journeys” that Vayakhel “blesses us with the awareness of the true nature of the heart that is unconstrained by fear and that our true nature is ruled by a generous heart.  Moses is calling the people to know their own gifts and to experience the blessing of a generous heart.

Many people who come to my hands-on art workshops tell me they are not artistic and they’re afraid to try something artistic.  I supply them with good art materials, give them some ideas and I tell them to work from their heart. I believe that if we create art with an open heart and good intention we are all artists. Like Betzalel, our inspiration will be revealed from a higher source. I encourage all to create “art from your heart” therefore making a pathway from your heart to open the gates for tikkun olam. I also invite those of you living near Delray Beach to join me every Wednesday from 12:30-2:00 at the Ruth Rales Senior Center on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach for a multi-media collage workshop.  Materials will be provided and the cost is $3.00 at the door.


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