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Ana B Koach


“Ana B Koach” – a powerful healing amulet is a prayer for strength, a prayer to “untie our tangles”. It is roughly 1.25” in diameter, solid sterling with a green agate stone in the center.

A 16” sterling chain comes with this. It typically ships within 2-3 business days

Cost: $120, free shipping within the continental US.

“The Ana B Koach necklace means so much to me. I’ve been looking for this for years and will be giving this as a gift for years to come. I love wearing it” Lana W. 2/17

“Oh how I love this pendant. I’ve been chanting Ana B Koach for years and now I have this holy piece of jewelry” Thanks Jackie for creating this. Davida L. May ‘17


  1. Marci Freeman

    As a healer, I look for tools to enhance subtle perception. This one called, and now it’s enhancing my skill to receive and transmit divine energies. Not just a trinket: these sacred words are powerful agents of change.

    • jackie

      Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Elana

    I just received your Ana B Koach amulet. This beautiful piece arrived at the right moment for me. I had two friends in surgery this week (all went well) and I sang psalms at a funeral. Your Ana B Koach pendant by my heart kept me connected to my wishes for healing for those I love.

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