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This weeks Torah portion is VaYishlach. It begins with Jacob anticipating his meeting with his twin brother, Esau. Because of his past deceptions, Jacob is in fear that Esau will harm him and his family so he sends out messengers with many fine gifts in an attempt to please Esau. When they finally meet, Esau has forgiven Jacob, kisses him and welcomes him. The Parta goes on to describe Jacob wrestling with the Angel.

On Chanukah we oftentimes give and receive gifts. Let us hope that we give and receive from a heart space and not simply out of obligation or fear. Also, as we light the last candle on our hanukiah, let us be able to receive and give the ultimate gift to ourselves, which is to wrestle with our own soul, reveal its inner radiance and open our hearts to ourselves, the Holy One of Blessing, our Universe and each other. Happy Chanukah!

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