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For the past 15 years I’ve spent almost every weekend during the winter season in So. Florida and many weekends in the Midwest showing my work at juried fine art festivals.  I’ve met the most amazing people, made many friends and that has been the primary vehicle of sharing, showing and selling my work.  Now, after deep listening to my neshumah, I’ve decided that I need a new direction in selling/showing my work.  I’m now paying attention to my own heart and know that I cannot continue to work on Shabbat any longer, which means I cannot show my work at the art fairs, as the rules states “the artist must be present on Sat. & Sunday” – no exception.  So, after 15 years of all the good stuff, plus weathering the storms, the rain, the wind, the blistering heat, shlepping countless pieces of framed art my beautiful partner and husband, Leon, and I have made the decision not to be showing at the art festivals.  I will miss my clients, my artist friends and a lifestyle which has been both incredibly rewarding and challenging.

Please continue to check into my website, tell your friends about it and I invite you to visit me in my home/studio to look at, just hang out, or purchase my artwork.

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