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See this work, Come My Beloved to the Field — Song of Songs, on the website.

We can all take steps to reduce the impact we have on air pollution and climate. We can walk and bicycle rather than drive, or carpool with friends if we can go together. We can dig into the soil to start our own garden with native plants, and grow our own produce.

At every meal, we can do something positive for the planet by consuming local, organic food; by considering the ethical treatment of the animals we eat, and the treatment of the farmers who grew our food. We can think of those in our community without enough to eat, and make sure that we take care of the needy among us.

We can encourage our schools and synagogues and community centers to install more renewable power, and educate members why it’s important. At home, we can reduce our electricity use by installing more efficient light bulbs, turning down the temperature on our hot water heaters, and not using air conditioning when we’re out of the house. And we can teach our children why we do these things.

These wise words are from Hazon.

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