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Morning Glory Ketubah

Morning Glory Ketubah

This ketubah is perfect if you’re having a morning wedding – when the morning glories are blooming! This romantic ketubah featuring beautiful morning glories, will remind you of the daily pleasures and the miracle of renewal that will blossom in your new... Read the Rest...

Catch Up News and Upcoming Schedule

Catch Up News and Upcoming Schedule Sunday, October 16, Temple Emanuel Jewish Arts Festival, Greensboro, North Carolina Sunday, October 16, HardLox Jewish Festival, Asheville, North Carolina December 14-18, Reform Biennial, Washington DC, Gaylord Hotel It’s been a... Read the Rest...

Shema Mandala Amulet Bronze

It’s a blessing to introduce my new Shema Mandala Amulet which contains the Shema prayer as well as the entire first paragraph of V’ahavata.  Every letter is clearly defined and the entire prayer spirals perfectly to the center with a lapis lazuli stone set directly... Read the Rest...

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