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Who is Wise, Rich, Strong, Honored – Vertical


Who is Wise – One who learns from everyone

Who is Rich – One who is happy with their lot

Who is Strong – One who conquers their lesser desires

Who is Honored – One who honors everyone.

Here are all four parts from Pirke Avot in one stunning horizontal oriented piece measuring 12″ x 36″. This piece has an amazing message, is joyful and substantial in size making it a perfect focal point for any home or synagogue. Shipping for this is $75 because it is oversized.

As a Jewish educator, I love to speak with my students about the message on this piece when they come for a problem, or just a little visit. It’s inspiring and true. Sheila H. 12/12


  1. Renee

    I love these pieces. They’re hanging inb my hallway.

  2. Caroline L.

    I’ve got the perfect place for this in my home. Great image – great message. I’m buying right now.

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