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Jesus the Holy Cable Guy
By Leon Olenick (2/5/13)

In my work I serve as a Hospice Chaplain Rabbi. I believe that Elijah the Prophet comes to us in times of need. Elijah is the prophet of healing and bringer of light who mysteriously appears when needed, often times unnoticed and unacknowledged.
While I was at home recuperating from a hip surgery, I was not able to travel or even sit at the computer for long periods. I watched lots of television or read for entertainment before I was able to get around and walk comfortably. My wife thought it would be beneficial to have the “on demand” programs so I could watch movies and recorded programming – something other than afternoon game shows or soap operas. She called the cable company and made arrangements for them to install the proper boxes. Little did I realize that Elijah the Prophet would visit us disguised as Jesus the holy cable guy.
The doorbell rang and a Hispanic man appeared. He was about five feet tall, wearing overalls and not so clean shaven. He had a warm smile and announced himself as the cable man. He introduced himself as Jesus Martinez*. We told him what we wanted and he proceeded to check wiring around the house. He went outside and then to the garage, the attic- he was very efficient. After about thirty minutes he said that the assigned task was very complex and it would involve moving furniture, and probably drilling holes in our walls. We decided not to proceed.
Our very friendly ten pound dog was hovering by Jesus’ feet in an unusual way. Mr. Cheech, our dog finally laid down by Jesus and would not budge. Jesus smiled and told us he was a “dog healer” and asked permission to lay his hands on Cheech. We granted him permission. Jesus said he was able to feel the area in Mr. Cheech’s hind legs where we know there is arthritis. Jesus closed his eyes and for the next fifteen minutes he proceeded to massage his hind quarter. Cheech was totally still and was purring like a cat. When Jesus the holy cable man was finished he shook out his hands as Cheech sprang up. He said “I am sure he feels better”.
Jesus then looked at me and asked about my condition. I told him about my very recent surgery. He asked, “Would you like me to help?” I invited him to touch my very large and raw wound. As he closed his eyes I was able to feel the healing energy coming from him and going directly into the incision area where I had pain. It felt like the pressure from the incision was decreasing. He stayed in this position for about thirty minutes. When he was finished I was relieved.
I asked him where he studied, and how he acquired this power. He said “It is a precious gift from G-d”. I offered him money and he refused. He said “The cable company was the vehicle used to bring me to your home and help you. I am grateful I could be here for you and Mr. Cheech. “
After leaving our home, I sat with my wife, Jackie. We spoke about Elijah the prophet and the tales we studied over the years. We now know with certainty that Elijah the Prophet comes in different forms and disguises when needed. Even to the home of a rabbi, disguised as Jesus.
This is a true story and happened as written two days after returning home from the hospital.
*Only Jesus’ last name was changed for this story.

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